Invoicing London Hockey


Invoicing & Payments / Information for Contractors & Suppliers

When you invoice London Hockey (NOT umpiring expenses: follow this link for claiming those), this is what London Hockey requires and what you can expect:

  1. Invoices should be presented in .pdf format
  2. Each invoice must be dated and contain the name of the contractor / supplier
  3. Each invoice should contain the address of the contractor / supplier and Company Number or National Insurance number (or unique self-employed reference) as appropriate
  4. Your invoice may include bank account details but we prefer you to submit these, once, via WhatsApp to our finance director on their mobile number, which is a more secure one-off method. We will then upload your bank account name, sort code, bank account number to our accounting system.
  5. Where applicable please add dates and venues / places of delivery (e.g. pitch times, coaching sessions)
  6. For our Junior Talent Pathway activity, please include London North or London South and age group, as appropriate (e.g. Girls U14 or GU14 North)
  7. Invoices are to be submitted on a monthly basis, where applicable
  8. Invoices submitted by the 5th will usually be paid before the end of that month
  9. We only accept invoices sent to - you can copy in others within the London Hockey organisation but this is the email for ALL prompt payments
  10. To invoice us, there must be a written agreement / contract / requisition agreed by both London Hockey and the contractor / supplier in place (depending on the duration, complexity and value involved)
  11. London Hockey trusts these principles will mean that with your help the majority of invoices will be paid smoothly and chasing payments or querying invoices will be minimised

Approved November 2023

Mark Bennett, interim Finance Director