Officiating Claiming Expenses


Thank you for taking London Officiating Appointments. This is intended to provide you information on when, how and what to claim across the various categories of our appointments.

When? Timing of Claims for Expenses (Categories paid by London) - We encourage you all to claim at specific times so we can organise payment runs on a regular and efficient basis:

  • Pre-season (by 14 September) - a catch up for any summer or late spring claims
  • End Year (by 13 December) - to claim for appointments up to the Xmas / New Year break leaving time to get money out before Xmas
  • End Season (by 17 April) - completing most Saturday appointments’ claims for the season
  • Spring (by 30 June) - after most junior, schools and other competitions have ended.

You do not have to claim each time. For those whose circumstances may need a different claim cycle, please contact Peter Mackintosh or for advice.


There is no compulsion to claim, either! We are always grateful to volunteers who donate all, or some, of their expenses to London Hockey for reinvestment in umpiring. So that we know the value given, we do ask you to complete your expenses within GMS, if relevant, and use the donate button (and let us know - an email to would do). There is more in the Claim Guide.

Types of Claims (plus How and What)

We have the following categories - contact your London Officiating appointer if it is unclear:

  • Saturday and Sunday Outdoor Adult League, Mixed and Masters - mainly GMS appointments (includes matches moved to midweek / Fridays). Here’s how and what: Claim Guide 
  • Midweek Schools, Colleges and Universities - although they may appear in GMS, these are normally paid directly by the institution to the umpires (may need an umpire to invoice)
  • EH Championships - home fixtures London clubs - same as Saturday, here’s the Claim Guide
  • Club Friendlies - especially pre-season, the clubs are responsible for covering umpire expenses
  • Junior London Competitions, Education and EH Competitions - What is claimable is here - Junior Claim Guide - with a pro forma invoice to submit to London, if GMS will not allow the claim.
  • Indoor Juniors (Schools & Clubs) - coming soon
  • Indoor Adults - coming soon
  • Technical Officiating at Matches or Tournaments by London - to be provided

If GMS shows the appointment but does not allow / show an ability to submit a claim, then the home team should be responsible for agreeing payment of the umpire expenses.