Officiating in the London Area


Welcome to London Officiating, we are part of London Hockey and look after umpires, technical officials and the developments teams for those functions. Our role is to support anyone wanting to officiate hockey in the London Area, supporting the development of those individuals to participate in hockey at every level, and clubs with their development.

The responsibilities of the Officiating Committee in London are: 

  • To recruit, develop and assess neutrally appointed umpires and umpire support. 
  • To appoint officials to London Hockey Leagues and EH Competitions. 
  • To support the recruitment, and development of club umpires, working with Club Umpire Developers to deliver workshops and members evenings and to facilitate the assessment of umpires. 
  • To recruit and educate young umpires, provide opportunities for their development and progress to Adult Leagues & Competitions appointments. 
  • To deliver Technical Official education and opportunities for TO development in clubs and to recommend TO appointments to leagues and competitions. 

Appointments will continue to be made using the OMS now enhanced through its interface with the new Game Management System (GMS) covering the whole sport.

Register on GMS

Join our London Hockey Officiating umpires, coaches and assessors and become a (free) member of EHO.

The steps you will need to follow:

  • Visit 
  • Click the “register” button
  • Select “Officiating”
  • Enter your e-mail address and submit for a verification code 
  • Once you have your verification code you can complete your registration
  • Select your Primary Area Branch as LONDON
  • Select the appropriate membership category (Gold is required to take appointments)
  • Complete the rest of your details as requested
  • Press SubmitClub Liaison:

Supporting London Clubs 

We are partners in the game of hockey and our Officiating Club Liaisons are our main points of contact for the clubs in the London Area. 

You can contact our team via with any queries you may have about umpiring etc. For specific appointment queries please contact the Appointing Team.   

We are open to suggestions, feedback and can provide development support to clubs to improve officiating across the London Area.