Appointments & Panels



The Appointing Team are responsible for all appointments - outdoor, indoor & education - made across the London Area.

There will be opportunities for everyone who wishes to take appointments. For us to be able to appoint you to matches you do need to be registered on the Game Management System (GMS). So please sign up and add your availability - see details below.

We are currently appointing to London Hockey League matches, starting with the two Premier divisions and then working down the divisions. Our approach to appointing is to fill each level across both genders with the most appropriate available umpires and then move down to the next level. We rotate umpires across levels and genders.

Appointments can also be made to (pre-season) friendlies and tournaments in the London Area.

Register on GMS

Join our London Hockey Officiating umpires, coaches and assessors and become a member of the EHO through the Game Management System.

The steps you will need to follow:

  • Visit 
  • Click the “register” button
  • Select “Officiating”
  • Enter your e-mail address and submit for a verification code 
  • Once you have your verification code you can complete your registration
  • Select your Primary Area Branch as LONDON
  • Select the appropriate membership category (Gold is required to take appointments)
  • Complete the rest of your details as requested
  • Press Submit


NPUA Panel (Level 3)

Mark Anderson, Elysee Enness-Laporte, Stuart Fenton, Bob Jordan, Chris O'Hagan, Katherine ABBIE, Lucy Barlow, Andy Parker, Graeme Hope, Jane Hallett, Neil Smith, AJ SmallRichard Bishop-Laggett, Dan Carter, Steve Cronin, Ian Dinwiddy, David Eggleton, Jono Goold, Oliver Jones, Peter Mackintosh, Alexander Nelson, Dougal Perfitt, Harry Raffan, Mason Wright, Rodrigo Rivadeneira, John Beckett, Elliot Baker, Sam Doran, Jane Hallett, Neil Smith, AJ Small, Phil O'Hagan

Premier Panel (Level 2)

(RR) Chris Hulatt(RR) Tim Forte, Stephen Mason, Adam Fleming, Laurence Kimberley, Gareth Hinds

A* Panel (Level 2)

Eleanor Hall, Ian Blackaller, Marie Bello, David Pease-Watkin Robert Dummer, Damian Hallett 

A Panel (Level 2)

Mark Bennett, Paul Bentley, Thomas Crump, Arnold Weeda, James Holmes Ed Bateman,  Rob Riddlestone, Jonathan Seymour, Henry Nelson

B* Panel (Level 2)

Simon Aldous*, (Dr.) Melanie Clements*, Paul Creeley, Noah Eicke, Ashley Hurden, Phil Stewart, Martin Mason, Clare Ormerod (an * after a name indicates a Level 2 Candidate) Glyn Jones, Henry Nelson, Rob Butlin, Andy Tyrrell*, Peter Hodgson  (an * after a name indicates a Level 2 Candidate)

B  Panel (Level 2)

David Grant*, Phil Pitt, Neil Richards*, Keith Boddy*, Christopher Gamber*, Rob Lovett*, Alex Richards*, Edward Richards*, Rob Evans*, Georga Reed, David Roche* (an * after a name indicates a Level 2 Candidate) Carl Woodbridge*, James Dickson, Miles Taffs*, Michael Baker*, Bob Jordan, Richard Chere, Dion Oliver, Manjinder Sehmi, Chris Butler (an * after a name indicates a Level 2 Candidate)

C  Panel (Level 1)

Ian Caddy, Joe Godfrey, Richard Goold, Jason Loubser, Paul Mangat, David Mason, James Morris, Jared Phayer, Christopher Shaw, FK Snepvangers, Clement Sun, Rosie Vince, Robert Warwick, Lena Lawal, Philip Schartau, Atul Sofat, Ravi Bharma, Sam Letcher, Stephen Mander, Ulyses Ferreyra, Carla Bennett, Ben Jacklin, Ed James, Nick Taffs, Michael Leberman, Alex Parish

Support Panels

Level 3

Coach (Co), Assessor (As), Umpire Manager (UM)
Dawn Bonner (Co, As, UM), Nku Davis (Co, As, UM), Nikki Butcher (Co), Paul Sexby (Co), Mason Wright (Co)

Level 2

Coach (Co), Assessor (As), Coach Candidate (CoC), Assessor Candidate (AsC)
Nikki Butcher (As), Paul Sexby (As), Rob Butlin (Co, As), Pete Mackintosh (As), Ian Dinwiddy (Co), Jane Binner (Co, As), Tony Rollins (CoC), AJ Small (AsC), Stuart Fenton (CoC), Ian Blackaller (Co), Sean Edwards (Co), Andy Meacher (As), Neil Smith (As), Dan Carter (Co, As), Richard Bishop-Lagett (Co, As), Steve Cronin (Co, As)

County Umpire Developers

David Grant (Cheam HC), Michael Kamine (West Hampstead HC), Mark Langley (Southgate HC), Rob RIDDLESTON (Eastcote HC)

Club Umpire Developers

Paul Bewers (Crostyx HC), Jefferson Courtney (East London HC), Oliver Jones (East London HC), Daniel Goodacre (East London HC), Wendy Campbell (Hampstead and Westminster HC), Simon Daws (Hampstead and Westminster HC), Bjorn Schwarz (Hampstead and Westminster HC), Arnoud Breitbarth (Hampstead and Westminster HC), Melanie Clements (Harrow HC), Darragh Woods (Harrow HC), Molly Hanson-Akins (Old Cranleighan HC), Justin Wildman (Old Kingstonians HC), David Lloyd-Williams (Southgate HC), Iain McAuslan (Wapping HC), Elysee Enness-Laporte (West Hampstead HC), James McGarry-Haigh (West Hampstead HC), Georga Reed (West Hampstead HC), Kiran Hurer (West Herts HC)

Technical Officiating

The Technical Officiating Team is looking to build the Technical Official (TO) capability across the London Area. It is the least known branch of officiating at the moment but we are developing this to support league matches, tournaments and create opportunities at National League level in the future.


Peter MackintoshAppointments
Graeme HopePrem
Nku Davis     Indoor
Stephen MasonTechnical Officiating