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Reporting of Cards

Umpires are required to report any Red Cards which they issue or Match Day Misconduct Offence (MMO) which they determine to have occurred to the Area Disciplinary Administrator as soon as possible following the relevant match and in any event within 72 hours.

The offender and his team are required to cooperate with you to enable you to issue the Red Card or MMO and to report the offence. This includes providing you with any information you need. 

The Red Card and MMO Report Form and Guidance to Umpires on Completing the Form can be found here. We recommend that all umpires familiarise themselves with these documents, but please contact the Area Disciplinary Administrator, Rupert Allen, if you have questions.

The completed form should be emailed to discipline@london.hockey

Please note that, if you are completing the form on a mobile device, you do this using the appropriate Word App, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store for your device.

It is helpful if you provide as much detail as possible on the form about the offender’s misconduct and any relevant surrounding circumstances, including any aggravating or mitigating factors. You should include anything which may be relevant to enable the Area Disciplinary Panel to determine fairly the appropriate sanction.

The Area Disciplinary Panel will then communicate the final outcome of the disciplinary process to the reporting umpire by email.

We are also monitoring Yellow Cards as these too can result in a suspension on a “totting up” basis. All Yellow Cards should therefore be reported by teams in the Match Sheets submitted after each league game. 

[Where umpires have been appointed by the London Area, the umpires should also report Yellow Cards through GMS.]