Discipline Processes and Contacts

Disciplinary matters for which the Area is responsible are dealt with by the Area Disciplinary Panel.


Disciplinary matters for which London Hockey is responsible are dealt with by the Area Disciplinary Panel. 

The Area Disciplinary Panel is primarily responsible for dealing with any Red Card or Match Day Misconduct Offence (MMO) that is issued to a team member for a club based within London Hockey’s jurisdiction.

The Area Disciplinary Panel consists of the Area Disciplinary Administrator and a number of Assistant Area Disciplinary Administrators.

The Area Disciplinary Administrator, and also Chair of the Area Disciplinary Panel, is Rupert Allen who can be contacted via email at discipline@london.hockey or by telephone on 07961 845137.

The ADA is supported by two AADA's; Alistair Clift and Marilyn Walker.

Appeals from the decisions of the Area Disciplinary Panel are determined by the Area Disciplinary Appeal Panel (ADAP). The Chair of this panel is Mark Bennett, Governance Director London Hockey, who can be contacted via the Area Disciplinary Administrator.