London Hockey Membership


The London Hockey Membership is open to all hockey clubs, schools, universities and other entities in the Greater London Area providing hockey activity. The London Hockey Membership is aligned to the England Hockey Membership Policy. 

London Hockey is unique in the sense that we are both an Area and a Sub Area or County which means we have a slightly broader remit in terms of delivering hockey than the other 7 Areas, mostly in relation to the provision of junior and representative hockey. The Sub Area Membership is based on the club's geographical location and replaces the county membership and its fees which clubs historically paid to various counties. Please bear in mind that moving Area has no impact on the Sub Area Membership. 

You can find the London Hockey Area Membership Policy on your right.

Membership and associated fees

The RATE CARD for fees is set annually at the London Hockey AGM.

Invoices to clubs will be generated for:

  • Membership Subscriptions & League fees (annually)
  • Appointed umpire costs to clubs will be generated at the end of the season
  • Competition fees will be generated on an ad-hoc basis
  • The table below shows the fees agreed at the AGM in July 2023 by the membership of London Hockey

Area Membership - Voting Member Clubs£10per adult / masters team
Area Membership - Voting Junior or Occasional Clubs£40per club
Area Membership - EH & EHO£0 per entity

Sub Area Membership£30per adult team

London Hockey League Adult Fee£20per team
London Hockey League Masters Fee£20per team
London Hockey League Junior Fee (11 a side)£20per team
London Hockey Junior Festival Fee (7 a side)£5per team per festival

Umpire Development Levy£0per adult team
Umpire Appointments All Competitions£18per umpire

*Charged to hockey clubs who have all or the majority of their hockey activity in the Greater London Area.

** Charged to all hockey clubs considered to be based within the geographical boundaries of the London Sub Area or County. This includes hockey clubs active in other Areas. 

Entry Fees for any other hockey competitions, such as indoor and schools, will be set by the Directors following consultation with member clubs. 

Any financial queries should be address to